How Small Businesses Can Adjust To The Impact of E-Commerce

2 June 2017

The future of E-Commerce appears to have a positive impact on small businesses. Many merchants are selling more and standing out when compared to the competition. According to research, consumers are using new technology at a faster rate than ever before. One of the major issues with online shopping is the immediate joy that happens through doing in store shopping. Consumers are also able to get their hands on different products in a short amount of time.

Near Field Communications

The implementation of technology such as Near Field Communication may cause a shift in the advantage that traditional retailing has. Near Field Communication is technology that promotes simple communication and data transfer over small distances. When small businesses connect this technology to credit or debit cards, that makes paying for services run smoother than ever.

This technology has impacted E-Commerce. Within the next few years, many retail stores will be replaced. Consumers will select the goods in the store, scan and purchase the items that they want, and have them delivered to their address within a few hours. Retailers have to evolve with the changing times, as consumers are using this new technology to enhance their shopping experience. Here are some ways that small businesses can adapt to the changing landscape.

Go Mobile

Technology allows consumers to shop anywhere at any time. With tablet and smartphone usage continuing to rise, in order for small businesses to stay competitive, they must invest in online retail space or develop a mobile website.


Many small businesses are trying to find new ways to reach their customers through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Social media also gives these businesses the opportunity to reach new potential customers. With so many people spending hours on social media on a daily basis, social advertising is an important strategy.


Consumers love digital coupons, so small businesses should stop relying on large stacks of traditional coupons. Many consumers feel that digital coupons help them learn about new items that they initially may not have been interested in.

Use Video Content

Social media has a large impact on the successful marketing efforts of every business in today's landscape. Social media helps retain customers and attract new ones. Small businesses need to tap into the influence of videos, as that can help attract more customers. Online videos present fresh unique opportunities. Video content is affordable, as there are few costs involved except for purchasing some video editing software.